What the SC Young Pros Mean to Me

What the SC Young Pros Mean to Me
October is here, and it’s the time of year when we elect members to our open board positions! We’re looking for: 

•    Secretary
•    Treasurer
•    Social Co-chair (2 open positions)
•    Sports Co-chair (2 open positions)
•    Volunteer/Outreach Co-chair
•    Membership/Welcoming Co-chair

Working on the board is an extremely rewarding experience, but don’t just take it from us! Here’s a letter from new Sports Director Matt Weiss about what it’s like to serve for SCYP.

To My Fellow SCYP Members,

A little over a year ago, I joined the State College Young Professionals when I was drafted by a co-worker to play on the “expansion” SCYP volleyball team. My membership was involuntary and I had no idea about everything SCYP was. 

Throughout last fall and winter, I began to take notice of the events that SCYP hosted and the people that were involved and I was impressed. Impressed with the organization, with the events and with the opportunities that such a group offered. And like most favorable impressions, it kept growing with time.

Six months ago, after only attending one prior SCYP event, not counting volleyball, and knowing a total of 5 other SCYP members, I found myself sitting at the spring semi-annual board meeting. When the call came out for a volunteer to be one of the sports co-chairs, I just raised my hand and joined the board. Sports have always been a passion of mine and it was an opportunity I could not pass up. 

Matt sets up in SCYP volleyball

I had no experience and no idea what I was doing, but that did not matter. Every single board member was welcoming and helpful. Over the last six months I have been repeatedly impressed with the intelligence, conscientiousness, passion and wisdom of the board members as individuals and as a whole. These people are truly the engine that drives SCYP forward each and every day.

Leading the SCYP disc golf team

The reason I tell this story is because an organization of almost 200 members cannot be sustained by a small group of people, regardless of their passion and ability. We all need your help. Whether you are interested in “raising your hand” and volunteering for the board or contributing on a committee or just seeing how SCYP’s engine works, I encourage you to come out to the semi-annual board meeting.

I hope to see you there!

Trying out “Stump” at a SCYP Tailgate