2015: Saying Goodbye to a Top Year

2015: Saying Goodbye to a Top Year

Dear Current, Former, and Future SCYPers,

I want to begin by saying - what an absolutely fantastic year! We hit some milestones, did some new things, and cemented our signature events in SCYP history. What follows is a little rundown on what we did in 2015, and just the beginning of what we could do in the future. If you hung out with us this year, you helped us make Happy Valley an even better place to be a young pro. If you're new to the area or just looking to branch out, I hope you'll read this post and get an idea of what it's like to be a part of this wonderful group.

Halfway through this blog, I realized it was sounding a bit like a cheesy holiday letter to the family. But SCYP had such a banner year, it's hard not to get a little sentimental about all we've done! Check out some of highlights below and know that none of this is possible without great members doing wonderful things.

- President Melissa Hombosky



1) 104 Events

SCYP held more events this year than any other since forming in 2009. Our directors headed up 100+ events, including monthly "Sips" Happy Hours, committee meetings, Brewery/Winery tours and monthly volunteer events. We capped off our year with the 2016 Year End party, which serves as a thank you to our membership, a fundraiser for local nonprofits and an excuse to crack out the best ugly sweaters in Happy Valley.


SCYP Ugly Sweater Party in December 2015


2) Giving Back

Speaking of nonprofit partners… 2015 was also a year with a record-breaking 830+ hours spent volunteering with local non-profits! From raising funds to cleaning trails and everything in between, SCYP’s goal is to create opportunities for our members to give back in ways that make sense with busy schedules and sometimes non-permanent residence. New events like carving pumpkins at Shaver’s Creek and helping at LionBash fit right in with the events we put on every year, like Arts Fest Green Crew, Toys for Tots, and our ongoing partnership with RSVP Pen Pals.


SCYP volunteers at Shaver's Creek Pumpkin Carving in October 2015


3) Taking the Plunge!

The YMCA of Centre County's Polar Bear Plunge has been a staple of SCYP since our very first splash into the icy depths of Bald Eagle State Park. 2015 marked our return to top fundraising status, and several SCYP plungers even made the covers of local papers. It’s hard to believe we've raised over $25,000 since 2009 by doing something so much fun!


SCYP regains the title of Most Money Raised at the 2015 YMCC Polar Bear Plunge


4) League night!

SCYP split the bill or subsidized over 16 teams in the CRPR leagues this year, including softball, volleyball, and bocce. Heavy trash-talking aside, the leagues have been great this year and it has been pretty cool to see strangers meet and become friends on the field. Winter Volleyball and pick-up basketball are still at it, so contact us to join up.


Two of SCYP's 2015 softball teams.


5) Membership keeps growing

Another committee, another milestone. SCYP hit over 200 dues-paying members for the first time this year. The Welcoming committee directors have such great things planned for our new members next year! I would hate to spoil it here, but you can join the committee to get all the good news early.


SCYP Disk Golf


6) Get on the bus - Brewery and Winery Tours

SCYP sold out buses for both the spring and fall Brewery and Winery tours! That is a lot of happy campers drinking their way across PA. From Bullfrog to Voodoo and Fero to Foxburg - where should we go next?


SCYP's Spring 2015 Brewery and Winery Tour.


7) Last but not least… come out and meet us!

Years ago, SCYP started with a Sips Happy Hour. Since then, it has become our key monthly event. We have greeted 1000+ members and guests over the year with more than 100 meeting up with us at Champs in July. It’s hard to not to be impressed by those numbers! And although it is a great networking event, Sips definitely does double duty as a great way to meet new friends and catch up with old buddies.


July 2015 Sips Happy Hour at Champs Sports Grille

Thank you to everyone who helped make 2015 our greatest year yet! And to those of you who are thinking of joining SCYP, please come to our monthly Happy Hour the first Wednesday of every month ... check out our Facebook page for details!