SCYP Semi-Annual Provides Leadership Opportunities

SCYP Semi-Annual Provides Leadership Opportunities
On Tuesday April 12, SCYP's Board of Directors will host our semi-annual board meeting at Wegman's Cafe, starting at 6 pm. Members are invited to weigh in on what SCYP does - what they love, what they'd get rid of, and what they'd like to see more of. It's an opportunity for members to make their voices heard and impact offerings for social events, volunteer opportunities, professional development, sports and more.

Using input from our previous semi-annual meeting, we've made several adjustments to what we offer members over the past six months. Some examples? Our New Members Supper Club, which helps to introduce people who have recently joined to a smaller subset of members; casual-fun events like Wine and Pottery Night at 2000 Degrees; networking opportunities like Speed Networking at the Ramada State College and tons of other awesome things. Delivering on what our members ask for is our way of saying, "We hear you!"

But have you ever thought about HOW all these social events, sports leagues, volunteer opportunities, and networking arrangements actually happen? Who organizes them? What it takes to make sure they happen, and that people to show up?

SCYP is entirely run by volunteers within our membership who are willing to take on six months to a year of commitment to help us make this organization the best it can be for young professionals in State College. These board members help us to coordinate and staff events, promote SCYP, and engage with the community. Becoming a member of the board looks great on your resume, and is a sure way to learn new skills or get experience in an area that interests you.

We'll be electing current members to 3-4 positions on the board: 1-2 Marketing/PR Directors, 1 Volunteer Co-Director, and 1 Social Co-Director.

The Marketing/PR Director sends out the weekly email newsletter and maintains mailing lists, writes blog posts, takes/collects photos, looks for/responds to inquiries for media coverage, promotes events and responds to social media messages.

The Volunteer Co-Director works with another board member to coordinate and staff 1 volunteer event per month, arrange occasional fundraisers like our canned food drives and monitor opportunities for volunteers in our area.

The Social Co-Director works with 1-2 other board members to plan 1 social event per month (which could mean a night out on the town, a tailgate or any other social event) and arrange our "Sips" happy hour monthly.

All board members help at "Sips" Happy Hour, attend once-monthly board meetings and run a committee of members who help them out with various tasks.

And speaking of committees....

If a board position sounds like too much commitment right now, we encourage all members to attend committee meetings and participate whenever they're available. These informal meetings are a fun way to contribute and keep the organization tuned into what you want to get out of SCYP! Try it out by attending a social committee meeting as early as April 14 - committees convene once per month. Or send us an email and we'll connect you to a board member on the committee of your choice.