Attending Your First Sips
If you are thinking about checking out SCYP, our monthly happy hours (Sips) are a great introduction to the group. Sips events are a great opportunity to talk to board members, meet SCYP members, and network with young professionals just like you. The cost of a guest at Sips is $5, and if you like it, you can put that $5 towards a membership if you sign up that night. As our membership has grown, so have our Sips events. So don’t be shy, just dive in and start talking to a group. Ask members (wearing blue nametags) to introduce you to other members. You can also contact us directly before the event and we can hook you up with an Ambassador.
Sips Ambassadors
As our membership has grown we have established Sips Ambassadors to help newcomers navigate their first SCYP event. When attending your first Sips you will be greeted at the welcome table where you will be checked in and then a SCYP Board member will offer to set you up with a Sips Ambassador. These Ambassadors are current SCYP members who will introduce you to some of the other members as well as share some information about our group as well as the outreach, social, sports, and other events we coordinate during the year. If you would like to become an Ambassador, contact us!
How Much Are Dues?
For 2015 dues are set at $50. Dues are prorated quarterly throughout the year. You can purchase your dues via Square or at any Sips Happy Hour. In November, you have the option to purchase a full membership for the following year or pay the $25 quarterly fee to try out end-of-year events and attend our Holiday Party.
What Do My Dues Pay For?
Your annual dues cover costs associated with operations (website hosting, P.O. Box, nametags), Sips Happy Hour appetizers, SCYP t-shirts, league dues, facility rentals for events like ice skating. A breakdown of these expenses can be requested at any time via our contact form.
What Does My Membership Entail?
Members of the group enjoy a wide variety of benefits and opportunities. As a member, you can attend all of our monthly "Sips" happy hours for free. Your dues also cover the following great benefits:
  discounted entry fees into other SCYP events like the brewery tour and sporting events, Free Personal & Professional Development workshops, Access to networking events like SCYP Break Outs
, and a free SCYP t-shirt (if you join in the first quarter of the year).
How Can I Find Out What SCYP Events Are Going On This Month?
There are many ways to learn about upcoming events. The SCYP calendar is available through our website. If you are a gmail user, you can even link this calendar to your own. Events are also announced in the weekly newsletter sent to members. And be sure to follow us on Facebook. You can also receive the SCYP e-letter to keep up-to-date and engaged.
Where Can I Get A SCYP T-shirt?
T-Shirts are a gift to our members who pay full price ($45) during the first quarter of the year. Members who join after April can purchase a t-shirt for $10 anytime during the year at most Sips. We occasionally have limited pop-up shops with SCYP hoodies. Contact us for more info.
How Do I Join A Committee?
Monthly committee meetings are posted on the SYCP calendar and announced in the monthly newsletter. Just come to the next committee meeting, no RSVP necessary. All SCYP members are welcome! If you have questions about what each committee does, contact the committee director.
When is Sips Happy Hour?
Sips are held the first Wednesday of every month, unless they are rescheduled due to holidays and special events. "Second Sips" are held occasionally on the second Wednesday of the month for occasions like Spikes games.