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How Do I Become a State College Young Professionals Member?

We’re so pleased you are considering a membership with us. Membership with the State College Young Professionals (SCYP) offers many opportunities for connecting and networking with other professionals in the area. Our members are involved in community outreach, social events, sports and recreational teams, and much more! There are several ways to become a member:

  • Sign up through our secure web store. 
  • Come to our next SIPS event, check us out, and if you want to become a member you can sign up on the spot! A board member will be at the welcome table to answer your questions about membership and the organization.


Attend Events

There are many ways for members to get involved with SCYP. The Sports & Rec, Social, Volunteer, and Welcoming committees organize many events each month. You can participate in anything from sports leagues, to running clubs, to tailgates, and more! There is something for every interest with SCYP, and if there isn’t, join a committee and suggest an activity!


Get Involved, Join a Committee

After joining SCYP and attending some events, you may be looking for a more active way to get involved. The standing committees are always looking for volunteers with fresh ideas and enthusiasm. Committees hold monthly meetings that are open to all SCYP members. Check the SCYP calendar for the next meeting day, time and location.

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